Timbercity is giving away 10 soccer kits to teams in need of a kit upgrade.
Help us by nominating deserving teams and telling us about their story. There will be 5
junior and 5 senior kits up for grabs.

How it works

Simply tell us which school or team you would like to nominate and a little bit about the soccer team, if you have photos, you can upload them as well. Closing date for nominations is 31 May 2018, after which we will randomly select 5 eligible junior and 5 eligible senior teams from the list.

We will then make contact with the selected teams to ensure they receive their prizes.

Terms & conditions apply.

The kit

The winning teams will each receive a branded junior or senior Timbercity soccer kit and soccer ball to ensure that they always look the part when kicking it with Chippie.

Nominate a school